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Matthew Breit

A game developer with 9 years of professional experience, divided between level design and environment art. Started making Doom levels when I was 12.


Everything Unlimited Ltd (Contract), May 2014 — Jun 2015

  • The Beginner's Guide, PC (Source): Art direction, ownership of complete world creation for six environments from base assets to final lighting, plus tools programming.

Bluepoint Games (Contract), Jan 2014 — Feb 2014

  • Titanfall, X360 (Source): Level and asset optimization for memory, performance, and compatibility with a highly modified renderer.
  • Starhawk, PS3 (Proprietary): Architecture/prop modeling/texturing from both concept and scratch. Given full ownership of key 'Build and Battle' feature assets.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment (Contract), Feb - Oct 2009

  • Natural Selection 2, PC (Proprietary): World prop modeling/texturing from both precise and rough concept.

Big Rooster, Jun 2007 — Nov 2008

  • Wings of War, XBLA/PS3Net (Unreal 3): All world modeling, texturing, lighting, and effects.
  • Asset Outsourcing, Various (Unreal 3): World prop modeling from provided concepts.
  • Talisman, PC/XBLA/PS3Net (Proprietary): All world modeling, texturing, lighting, and effects. Fully responsible for world art pipeline development.

Raven Software, Jun 2005 — Jan 2007

  • Wolfenstein, PC/X360 (idTech4): Construction and lighting, plus scripting and AI implementation.
  • Internal Prototype (Unreal 3): Lighting, modeling, texturing, and level building.
  • Quake 4, PC/X360 (idTech4): Varying degrees of level planning, gameplay iteration, architecture, texturing, and lighting.

Technical Skills

  • Single- and multi-player FPS gameplay and level design
  • Programming and debugging
  • Hard surface modeling and environment art
  • Skilled at finding cross-disciplinary solutions to design & art challenges
  • Experienced with animation practice and principles


  • Maya & MEL
  • C & C++
  • Python
  • Photoshop
  • idTech 1-4, Radiant, Hammer
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity


Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Savannah College of Art and Design, 2001-2005
  • Concentration in computer graphics and animation